A Teledisko, billed as the “the world’s smallest nightclub” at just one square metre, as opened a new location in Madrid.

Five tiny nightclubs have already been set up in and around Berlin, and the Madrid branch is the first to open overseas.

“The teledisko is the smallest disco in the world,” reads Teledisko’s website. “You can insert your favourite song by inserting a coin, then print out a photo directly and download a video via a link. What happens in the teledisko stays in the teledisko,” it adds. “Dance like there’s no tomorrow!”

teledisko increíble pic.twitter.com/5rfmJwOzAQ

— noelia (@wikisandia) November 19, 2022

Partygoers can play songs including ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’, Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’, and Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’, take photos as they would in a photo booth, and alter the effects such as strobe lighting, a spinning disco ball, and fog machines.

The club fits three people at a time and lasts for just three minutes once a song has been chosen and activated from the screen outside.

Check out footage of the Teledisko experience below:


La discoteca más pequeña del mundo.

La teledisko de Berlín es una cabina telefónica para ir de fiesta solito.

¿Qué te parece? pic.twitter.com/RQnwEdNl7l

— DELPY (@delpynews) November 6, 2022

Entrem a la discoteca més petita del món, de la mà de @jordigil77 #TotEsMouTV3 https://t.co/jHDQiYiDFj pic.twitter.com/lQOpoHpkov

— Tot es mou TV3 (@totesmoutv3) November 28, 2022

The Madrid Teledisko is currently free.

The company also operates three mobile Telediskos that can be booked and shipped worldwide for any event.

There is currently no word yet as to whether Telediskos are set to come to the UK.

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