Sleaford Mods have teased a “big announcement” coming tomorrow (January 17) under the hashtag #UKGRIM.

The Nottingham punk-rap duo look set to announce their new album tomorrow morning at 11am GMT, encouraging fans to sign up for their mailing list here.

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“Tomorrow. 11am. Big announcement,” the pair wrote on Twitter. Don’t be a bellend and miss it.”

Alongside the tweet was a 10-second teaser video, a collaboration with British artist and satirist Cold War Steve, featuring Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn cruising on a bumper car ride past graffiti that reads: “Yuppies out.”

Check it out below.

Tomorrow. 11am. Big announcement. Don’t be a and miss it. Sign up to the mailing list:

— Sleaford Mods (@sleafordmods) January 16, 2023

Sleaford Mods’ last album, ‘Spare Ribs’, came out in January 2021, described by NME in a five-star review as “a bracing dose of reality and their best album yet”.

“Williamson and Fearn unflinchingly show you life – particularly the shittier corners of it, while flashing a swift middle finger at those who create them,” it continued.

“Here’s your prescribed dose of reality with an unmistakable and intoxicating Sleaford Mods flavour. The extraordinary ‘Spare Ribs’ is graffiti on a concrete wall; there’s no manifesto, no easy answers and nowhere to hide.”

The band also performed at last year’s Glastonbury Festival, a set which NME said might have seemed an “odd fit” for Worthy Farm, but still saw them bring a “cathartic party” on the West Holts Stage.

In October last year, Orbital shared their Sleaford Mods collaboration ‘Dirty Rat’ alongside the announcement of new album ‘Optical Delusion’.

“This track is a giant capital letter,” explained Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll. “Like in the Book of Kells, where the very first letter always gets the big treatment from the monk when he’s doing his illustrated borders. It’s got that old school dance music vibe with bits of Cabaret Voltaire in there, even bits of The Shamen. It’s a little bit punk rock, nice and loud. A really refreshing, ‘wake up’ kind of track. And Jason is just brilliant!”

“I guess it’s about telling people to take responsibility for their own actions,” added Phil Hartnoll. “You know, all these politicians don’t come from out of nowhere. Somebody keeps voting them in. So who might that be…?”

“The ongoing culture of non-thought mostly exists because of a lack of education into critical thought,” said Williamson of Sleaford Mods. “How do you mobilise a people firmly imprisoned by a concrete system?”

In 2012, Orbital also released a remix of Sleaford Mods’ track ‘I Don’t Rate You’.

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