New Order have announced an expanded edition of their 1985 album ‘Low-Life’ – find all the details below.

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The band’s third album will be repackaged and reissued on January 27 with the collection including LP, 2CD and 2DVD versions, along with a special book.

Also being released are a number of 12 inch singles, including ‘Shellshock’, ‘Sub-Culture’ and ‘The Perfect Kiss’. Those limited edition records are available to order now here.

The new sleeve designs for the reissue came from Peter Saville, who said of ‘The Perfect Kiss’: “The mirror finish for ‘The Perfect Kiss’ sleeve was the idea at the time that unfortunately was not realised. I have wanted to see it ever since. The original concept was
intended to evoke the reflective glamour of a lipstick (re Perfect Kiss) in a minimal / pop art style.

“‘The Perfect Kiss’ in this form will be transformative and a must-have for fans and collectors alike”.

Of ‘Sub-Culture’, he added: “LABEL ONLY was specified in 1985 due to time pressure around the original release and as a consequence, a sleeve design for the re-release has no actual precedent.

“However, exploring the principle ‘the solution is in the problem’ has led to the subliminal evocation of a sleeve that is still LABEL ONLY”.

See the full tracklist for the different versions and formats of the ‘Low-Life’ re-release below.

New Order in New York in 1982. Credit: Kevin Cummins/Press

12 inch singles
– ‘Sub-Culture’ (with updated sleeve)
– ‘Shellshock’
– ‘The Perfect Kiss’
– ‘The Perfect Kiss’ D2C exclusive (Crystal Clear vinyl & Mirror Sleeve)

LP 180g Vinyl

Side One
1. ‘Love Vigilantes’
2. ‘The Perfect Kiss’
3. ‘This Time of Night’
4. ‘Sunrise’

Side Two
1. ‘Elegia’
2. ‘Sooner Than You Think’
3. ‘Sub-Culture’
4. ‘Face Up’


1. ‘Love Vigilantes’
2. ‘The Perfect Kiss’
3. ‘This Time Of Night’
4. ‘Sunrise’
5. ‘Elegia’
6. ‘Sooner Than You Think’
7. ‘Sub-Culture’
8. ‘Face Up’

CD2: Extras

1. ‘Love Vigilantes’ – TV Pitch Instrumental Edit (mono)
2. ‘The Perfect Kiss’ – Writing Session Recording
3. ‘Untitled No. 1’ – Writing Session Recording
4. ‘Sunrise’ – Instrumental Rough Mix **
5. ‘Elegia’ – Full Length Version *
6. ‘Sooner Than You Think’ – Album Session Unedited Version
7. ‘Sub-Culture’ – Album Session Early Instrumental Version
8. ‘Face Up’ – Writing Session Recording
9. ‘Let’s Go’ – Album Session Instrumental
10. ‘Untitled no. 2’ – Writing Session Recording
11. ‘Sunrise’ – Writing Session Recording
12. ‘Love Vigilantes’ – Writing Session Recording
13. ‘Sooner Than You Think’ – Writing Session Recording
14. ‘Skullcrusher’ – Demo

Live in Tokyo
The Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan 1985

1. ‘Confusion’
2. ‘Love Vigilantes’
3. ‘We All Stand’
4. ‘As It Is When It Was’
5. ‘Sub-Culture’
6. ‘Face Up’
7. ‘Sunrise’
8. ‘This Time Of Night’
9. ‘Blue Monday’

Live in Rotterdam
The Rotterdam Arena, Netherlands 1985

10. ‘As It Is When It Was’
11. ‘Everything’s Gone Green’
12. ‘Sub-Culture’
13. ‘Ceremony’
14. ‘Let’s Go’
15. ‘This Time Of Night’
16. ‘The Village’
17. ‘The Perfect Kiss’
18. ‘Age Of Consent’
19. ‘Sunrise’
20. ‘Temptation’
21. ‘Face Up’

Live in Manchester
Whistle Test, The Hacienda 1985

22. ‘As It Is When It Was’
23. ‘Sunrise’
24. ‘Face Up’ – Restored version using available footage from The Hacienda Dec ‘85 and July ‘85.

Live in Leuven
The Manhattan Club, Leuven, Belgium 1985

1. ‘Let’s Go’
2. ‘The Perfect Kiss’
3. ‘Age Of Consent’
4. ‘State Of The Nation’
5. ‘As It Is When It Was’
6. ‘The Village’
7. ‘Sub-Culture’
8. ‘Atmosphere’
9. ‘Blue Monday’

Bonus Tracks
10. ‘Thieves Like Us’
11. ‘Temptation’
12. ‘Confusion’ – Restored version from damaged tape with mixing desk audio

Live in Toronto (filmed by Paul Boyd)
The International Centre, Toronto, Canada 1985

13. ‘Elegia’
14. ‘Sub-Culture’
15. ‘The Village’
16. ‘Sunrise’
17. ‘We All Stand’
18. ‘As It Is When It Was’
19. ‘Love Vigilantes’
20. ‘586’
21. ‘Age Of Consent’
22. ‘Temptation’
23. ‘Ceremony’
24. ‘The Perfect Kiss’

The Perfect Film
Rehearsal Room, Cheetham Hill, Manchester 1985

25. ‘The Perfect Kiss’

In 2020, New Order released a special boxset for their seminal second album ‘Power Corruption & Lies’. Released in 1983 via Factory Records, the LP features the tracks ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Age Of Consent’ and ‘Your Silent Face’, and was hailed as New Order’s best album by NME back in 2018.

Speaking to NME for a special retrospective feature around the reissue, Peter Hook said: “They were really heady days. You felt like you were changing the world. Looking back on it, I think that Joy Division and New Order did change the world – culturally and musically.

“‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ was our honeymoon period. It’s quite heartwarming to realise what you’ve achieved together. It makes the shit worthwhile.”

This summer, New Order played a joint headline North American tour with Pet Shop Boys.

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