English Teacher have today (January 24) released a soaring new track called ‘Song About Love’ – check it out below.

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The song has been released via cult indie label Speedy Wunderground and sees the band partner with Speedy’s boss Dan Carey.

Speaking about the new track, bandleader Lily Fontaine said: “It’s a pop song about doing chores instead of doing someone else, and how even songs with social or political themes that analyse contemporary discourse, rather than lyricism about tired themes like romantic love, still come from a place of love, or lack thereof.”

Fontaine continued: “The final record is one of the first takes we did in the studio, thanks to the atmosphere Dan and Speedy create to work in. It was a relief to finally get into the room and discuss our music and music in general; what came out the other end certainly couldn’t have happened in another space, with another producer or on another day”.

You can listen to the song here:

English Teacher recently spoke to NME about the importance of saving BBC Introducing – the platform that gives new artists a platform to develop. It’s currently under threat following some proposed cuts to services from the BBC.

Lewis Whiting, guitarist from English Teacher said the continued support the band received from BBC Introducing was “invaluable”.

He continued: “It’s the main thing local bands strive for: you can see that, from the past, local BBC Introducing airplay has produced results and made bands’ careers more tangible. It gave us a future.”

Speaking about their relationship with West Yorkshire DJ Emily Pilbeam from BBC Introducing, Fontaine added: “Local BBC Introducing DJs form a continued relationship with the artists that they play. Pilbeam has been there since day one, and has always gone to our shows and offered us DJ sets.

Fontaine said Pilbeam’s support of English Teacher helped the art-punk quartet land their debut London headline show at the Lexington in December 2021.

She continued: “If [the BBC] merge different local shows together, which is what I think they’re planning to do, then someone like Emily wouldn’t be able to give as much attention to new bands if they’re from a large region such as Yorkshire; each individual band would get less attention, and in turn, be given less opportunities. The current system is democratic. Without it, we would lose the community feel of working with BBC Introducing.”

In other news, English Teacher will soon embark on their Independent Venue Week UK tour and will play their first US show at SXSW in March.

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